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Wisconsin Prints !

A curated exhibition of prints by artists and students from South East Wisconsin.

Public opening on September 27, 2019 through November 5, 2019.

Special Reception on October 29 will include a FREE and open to the public concert featuring the Hub New Music ensemble

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In the Alley 2017

The Alley event 

In 2016 CCR participated with the Kenosha Creative Space by setting up our Tortilla Press on Wheels. We  demonstrated our press to over a hundred people. We talked about the future and how excited we were to be in Kenosha and starting up the Center for Collaborative Research.  

Our first classes

In 2017 We set up our first classes, but we didn't have a space. The Rector of St. Matthews Episcopal Church of Kenosha allowed us to use a classroom in the Guild Hall complex.  The press was donated to us by Kate Remington.  


First Classes. Xerox Transfer being taught by our co-founder David Jones